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Having started sculpting in the early spring of 2022, Ian Charles Lepine quickly discovered an unquenchable thirst for the medium.

An art of space and time, full of physicality, sculpture permitted him to embark upon a philosophical voyage of discovery.  He allows but one theme for art: the journey of the individual through himself. In this odyssey of self-discovery through the other, the ritual, and the themes of tradition and time, all takes place.


Word to Form

Word to Form is a collection of eighteen pieces that marked Ian Charles Lepine's first steps into the world of sculpture. Click on the image to access the gallery.

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Nova Ars Antica

Nova Ars Antica constitutes Ian Charles Lepine's journey through an aesthetics of fragmentation, ruin, and loss, while perfecting his technical ability in Bologna and Paris.

Word to Form (Book)

The year 2023 saw the publication of Word to Form, a Gesamstkunstwerk of sculpture, photography, prose, and poetry that seeks to challenge the expectations of an art catalogue. The eighteen sculptures present in Ian Charles Lepine's first cycle of works appear accompanied by fragments in prose and verse that either inspire or were inspired by them.

A catalogue poétique rather than a catalogue raisonné, this book (available now in hardcover) offers an invaluable insight into the connection between the arts. 

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